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Camille Dreyfus Techer-Scholar Awards Program for 2015


JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet

The Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program supports the research and teaching of faculty members early in their careers in the chemical sciences including biochemistry, materials chemistry, and chemical engineering.  One JHU nominee will be selected on the basis of promising leadership in both research and teaching, and should have an independent body of scholarship attained within the first five years of her/his appointment as an independent researcher, as well as a demonstrated commitment to education.  The Foundation’s reviewers consider the scholarly research achievements of the candidates, the judgment of the nominee's peers in letters of recommendation, awards and honors, publication of research achievements in leading journals, and success in attracting research funding.  Nominees must hold a full-time tenure-track appointment that began no earlier than “mid-year 2008.”  Undergraduate education is a significant factor of the nominee’s activities. 

This program provides an unrestricted research grant of $75K. 


Paul G. Allen Family Foundation -

Allen Distinguished Investigators (ADI) Program

Required: JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet

Alzheimer's Disease flyer

Life Science Focus - 2015 Alzheimer's Disease

The Allen Distinguished Investigator (ADI) Program seeks to fund a select group of investigators to pursue new, pioneering research that collectively ‘moves the needle’ towards answering broad scientific questions. The most promising proposals will incorporate novel, creative, and ambitious approaches. For this reason, the program is especially interested in proposals that are unlikely to receive funding from traditional government sources.

We are seeking revolutionary new ideas to push the field in new directions or even to invent new fields of research, with an emphasis on the cellular biology on Alzheimer’s Disease. This call is limited to interdisciplinary teams that include researchers in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease paired with researchers in other fields (e.g. lipid biology, immunology, cerebro/vascular biology, bioenergetics, biostatistics, biomedical engineers, etc.).

We expect to fund between 5 and 7 projects with a total funding of $1M-$1.5M, for each project, spanning a 3-year period. 1/30/15

Brain Research Foundation - 2015 Seed Grant Program


Required: JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet

The Brain Research Foundation has invited Johns Hopkins to nominate two faculty members to submit a Letter of Intent for the 2015 Seed Grant Program. The program’s main objective is to provide start-up funds for new research projects and innovative programs “that have the potential of becoming competitive” for an NIH funding initiative or other external funding sources. The Brain Research Foundation’s goal is to have the initial effort produce opportunities for research projects, collaborations, and scientific advancements.  The two selected nominees from Johns Hopkins must be tenured/tenure track Assistant or Associate Professors working in the area of neuroscience. 


The grant period is for two years in the amount of $80,000 (direct costs).  18/15

Rita Allen Scholars Program for 2015

Required: JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet

The Rita Allen Foundation Scholars Program supports research scientists in the early stages of their careers who demonstrate potential for becoming leaders in cancer, immunology and neuroscience.  Interested candidates should be in a tenure-track appointment and provide persuasive evidence of distinguished achievement or extraordinary promise in research in one of the relevant fields.  The Foundation provides awards up to $110K annually for a period of up to five (5) years.  1/23/15

Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists




JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet

Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists.  JHU is invited to nominate one outstanding young faculty member in each of three disciplinary categories: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Chemistry.

The national faculty competition of the Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists recognizes the country’s most promising young faculty-rank scientists and engineers in the disciplinary categories of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Chemistry.

To be eligible, a candidate must:

  • Have been born in or after 1973.
  • Have earned a doctoral degree (PhD, DPhil, MD, DDS, DVM, etc.).
  • Currently hold a faculty-rank position at an invited institution in the United States.
  • Have made significant research contributions to the life sciences, physical sciences and engineering, and/or chemistry during his/her independent career as a principal investigator.
One Blavatnik Laureate from each disciplinary category will receive $250,000 in unrestricted funds and be published in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences on the topic for which he/she is being honored. 11/25/14

American Heart Association


Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease flyer


JHU Lmited Submission Cover Sheet

Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease

The Strategically Focused Research Network (SFRN) is a mechanism that provides AHA an
opportunity to address key strategic issues as determined by the AHA Board of Directors. This
SFRN will focus on “disparities” with the AHA supporting four (4) Research Centers for a period of
four (4) years. These four (4) Centers will constitute the Network and will be awarded a total of
$15 million over that period (including costs for Network oversight and administration). The goal is
to select and award four (4) Disparities Centers. The desired characteristics of these Centers, the
general requirements of the application and the peer review criteria are described in this Request
for Applications (RFA).

For full details, click link above.

Up to 15 million - see flyer LOI due: 10/30/14

Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program


JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet

The Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program in Bioethics is a career development award that supports original research by “junior faculty members to carry out innovative bioethics research.” Proposed projects should demonstrate how the research will make a substantial improvement beyond what has already been published.  Candidates should be faculty members who have not received a comparable career development award.  

Full program information is now available on The Greenwall Foundation website located at

The selected scholar will receive 50 percent salary support up to the NIH salary cap guidelines with 10 percent institutional costs for salary and benefits for three (3) years.  11/3/14

Burroughs Wellcome Fund


JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund Investigators in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseaseprogram provides funding opportunities for assistant professors “to study pathogenesis, with a focus on the interplay between human and microbial biology, shedding light on how human and microbial systems are affected by their encounters. The awards are intended to give recipients the freedom and flexibility to pursue new avenues of inquiry and higher-risk research projects that hold potential for significantly advancing the biochemical, pharmacological, immunological, and molecular biological understanding of how microbes and the human body interact.” Particular areas of interest include:

  • Cell/Pathogen interactionsstudies of host responses at the cell surface, cell signaling in response to infection, microbial persistence in host cells, and other work.
  • Host/Pathogen interactionsstudies of how host genetics influences resistance and susceptibility to infection, innate and adaptive immune responses to microbes, pathogen modulation of the immune system, and other work.
  • Novel routes to disease causationstudies of the role of infectious agents in the etiology of chronic, autoimmune, and immunologic diseases, and other work.

More specific information about this program is available at

($100,000 each yearfor five years)


Paul G. Allen Foundation

JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet


ADI Life Science Flyer

BY INVITATION - The Allen Distinguished Investigator (ADI) Program seeks to fund a select group of investigators to pursue new, pioneering research that collectively ‘moves the needle’ towards answering broad scientific questions. The most promising proposals will incorporate novel, creative, and ambitious approaches. For this reason, the program is especially interested in proposals that are unlikely to receive funding from traditional government sources.

ADI 2014 Life Science Focus: Basic insights into neuronal maturation. Description: Seeking proposals whose focus would provide insights into neuronal maturation in vitro, with an emphasis on human models (e.g. iPSCs, ESCs).
While in vitro systems are instrumental in revealing processes in healthy and disease states, currently the ability to fully understand and recapitulate neuronal cell maturation is inadequate (ex. neocortical development, disease). Recent studies reveal that cells can fail to maintain age-associated markers during reprogramming and differentiation, and be arrested or delayed at an immature developmental state. A variety of approaches have been used to induce cellular maturation (ex. stress, progerin), but it is unclear how closely these models mimic the normal maturation process.

See ADI Life Science flyer flyer for more information

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has a 0% indirect cost policy.  The Foundation expects to fund between five to seven projects with an average total funding of up to $1.25M for each project over a period of three years.  10/31/14

Microsoft - Faculty Research Fellowship for 2015


JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet

Microsoft Research has announced its Faculty Fellowship Program for 2015.  This program “recognizes innovative, promising new faculty members, from a number of research institutions, whose exceptional talent for research and innovation identifies them as emerging leaders in their fields.” Candidates must be in the first, second, or third year of their first faculty appointment as of the application deadline and hold a tenure-track position. 

  More information about the Microsoft Research Fellowships can be obtained at

In past years, this fellowship has included an award of $100k in the first year, with up to $100k possible in the second year.  10/06/14

Burroughs Wellcome Fund - Career Award for Medical Scientists


BWF Flyer



JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund – Career Award for Medical Scientists proivdes funds to bridge advanced postdoctoral/fellowship training and the beginning years of faculty service.  Proposals should be in the area of “basic biomedical, disease-oriented, or translational research.” 

Special Notes: 

  1. The Burroughs Wellcome Fund encourages proposals in reproductive science
  2. Proposals in health services research or involving large-scale clinical trials are not eligible
Provides physician-scientists $700,000 over five years 10/01/14

W.W. Smith Charitable Trust - Heart Research Grant Program for 2014


W. W. Smith Flyer


JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet

The W. W. Smith Charitable Trust – Heart Research Grants Program provides funding for basic medical research about heart disease and is committed to projects considered "unique and meritorious" which do not compete with government funding.  Applicants must be faculty members with primary appointments at JHU as of July 1 of the year in which they are applying.  The Trust strongly encourages requests for seed funding of exceptional or high-priority projects and also encourages new investigators to apply.  The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust is interested in research that has the potential to attract the support of the National Institutes of Health or other large funding organizations after the investigator receives the Trust’s funding. 

The Trust considers proposals of up to $100K for one year.


Various Announcements - NOT Limited Submissions

Foundation Submission Deadline
Funding Entity
Funding Amount
2/4/15 American Asthma Foundation

The American Asthma Foundation Research Program is the largest private funder of asthma research, having awarded over $100,000,000 to scientists since 2000. AAF scientists have changed the pace of discovery in asthma research. From their success in revealing the basic mechanisms of asthma, four new drugs are in clinical testing for asthma, many others are in pre-clinical testing, and scores of new molecular pathways underlying asthma have been revealed. Read more about these advances...

We offer scientists the challenge, freedom and funding to pursue new ideas, without preliminary data. This is an exceptional opportunity for creativity, with the potential to significantly impact human health. Details.

Awards of up to $450,000 each will go to investigators in the U.S. who are within 10 years of their first independent faculty appointment.
12/10/14 African Leadership Awards - Imauritus

The World has changed so it is changing the way we learn whether it is through Digital Learning or Mobile learning or Learning itself. Technology is influencing the future of learning. The USA is a great example of the manner in which learning happens. Transforming the learning to be more effective is the need of the hour. With this perspective, we have introduced the Africa Leaning Leadership Awards 2014:

- Organizational Award

- Individual Award

Click the link below to view details about the awards:

No funding; receive awards in various categories

link to research portal link to research link to